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Social media feeds are inundated with COVID-19 information and while all of that is important, ancillary activities are occurring in every corner of the state right now - much of which is ignored or unknown because of how social media cherry picks what we see.  It's one of the reasons I'm glad to have a weekly newsletter to do a round up of things happening in our state and local governments.

Newsletters during this unique time will include links to the big state & local AllOnGeorgia stories from the week and extra commentary and stories on local government shenanigans - all of which are plentiful right now.

As a side note...if you have Gmail, the newsletter may be sent to your 'promotions' folder until you teach it not to do so. If you're using something other than Gmail, check your spam folder if you aren't routinely landing this newsletter in your inbox as it drops every Sunday night.

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[All of my head shots are by Amber Lively of Poetic Photography in Tattnall County]
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